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    Australian Grand Prix 2019 by Gianmarco Veronesi

    Melbourne 13 marzo 2019


    The season is about to begin, and the red single-seater lands in Melbourne to challenge the Australian desert. Clouds of dust are nothing but a simple trail left behind, while on the horizon the skyline of the metropolis hosting the next race is quickly approaching: the Championship is here.


    Born in 1995, Gianmarco Veronesi is a rising talent among designers and artists in the Italian comic book landscape. After graduating in 2017 from the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia, under the guidance of fellow artist and mentor Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gianmarco finds national success with publisher Renoir Comics.

    He is currently in bookstore with an illustrated biography of Italian painter Tintoretto, published by Sky Arte Italy. Gianmarco has previously contributed art to the first two season of We Race - Scuderia Ferrari's online motion comic.

    Cover art by Gianmarco Veronesi - Melbourne 2019