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    Tonizza and Laurito: FDA Esports Team introduces its first drivers

    Maranello 18 luglio 2019

    Ferrari has launched its first team in the world of Sim Racing, the FDA Esports Team. Its first two drivers are Amos Laurito and David Tonizza, the latter picked by the Maranello team at the Pro Draft, organised by Formula 1, which took place in London.

    Delighted. David is Italian, form Viterbo, born on 14 January 2002 and he was delighted to be picked. “Being part of the Ferrari Driver Academy is something special and unique,” he said. “ Every team has a history, but Ferrari is  bigger than that. Representing this brand through the academy for young drivers is a great privilege, but at the same time, it comes with an enormous responsibility. We are talking about one of the most famous brands in the car world, both road and racing. I feel greatly honoured and I assure everyone that I will do my best to bring home some top results.”

    Amos.  Alongside Tonizza is another Italian, 23 year old Amos Laurito from Cremona, who was already part of the 2018 Pro Draft. “I have always wanted a career in the world of Esports and to be with Ferrari is a dream come true for me. I know I am joining a big family made up of extremely talented people, whose aims are always very ambitious. I am sure I will have very strong team-mates who will help me progress. I am ready to give it my all.” The third driver for the team will be announced later at some point this summer.

    Solid plan.  Representing the Ferrari Driver Academy at the Pro Draft in London was rising FDA star and current leader of the FIA Formula 3 Championship, Robert Shwartzman. For the Maranello marque, getting involved with the development of an Esports team through the FDA was a logical step, given that the Sim Racers division is one of the most popular for youngsters and the FDA already looks after the development and growth of young drivers in various junior series, from Formula 4 right up to Formula 2, seen as the final stepping stone to Formula 1. The FDA Esports team will be able to use three gaming units running the very latest technology so that the three drivers will be able to practice at the highest level right from the start. There are four races in the F1 Esport series, starting on 11 September, with three more following on 3 October and 6 November, with the grand final on 4 December.

    Social network.  The announcement of the first drivers coincides with the launch of the relevant social network channels. The activities of this part of the Ferrari Driver Academy will be promoted on Twitter and Instagram with the name @FerrariEsports, while there will soon also be a Twitch account, a social platform well known to fans of video games.

    Just the start.  The FDA Esports Team is the first step in Ferrari’s involvement in virtual racing, a pilot project that will lead to an even more complete programme, which will feature an Esports Ferrari championship, run in collaboration with major software platforms from the world of driving games.