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    XX Programmes - Over 32,000 horse(power)s on the Hockenheim track

    09 settembre 2016

    Hockenheim, 9 September 2016 – Today is the first of the Hockenheim Ferrari Racing Days, second event of the European season. On this first day, which included the free practice of the fifth Ferrari Challenge Europe (Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell) and the first F1 Clienti sessions, the other Ferraris on the track had to share the limelight with the cars of the XX Programmes, the FXX, the 599XX, and especially the FXX K, an extraordinary car, whether by aesthetic, technological, or engine power standards.   Boundless power. The 35 cars involved in the sessions reserved to the special XX Programmes unleashed more 32,000 horsepowers onto the racetrack. The spectacle displayed by the 21 FXX K was especially noteworthy. The car is a true jewel: its lines are shaped by the wind and its 1,050 horsepower engine descends from Ferrari's F1 experience. In fact, the car is powered by a hybrid engine: 860 HP are provided by the 6-litre V12 thermal engine and the balance by the hybrid system derived from racecars.   FXX and 599XX. The eleven 599XX and three FXX completed the exceptional display offered by the XX Programmes. The 599XX is powered by a motor of about 700 HP and is characterised by highly sophisticated aerodynamics, which make it possible to suck the air from under the car's floor, thus generating a ground effect that causes the car to adhere to the track and improves its performance. On the other hand, the FXX is the progenitor of this type of activity. It is equipped with an engine of about 800 HP that offers to the customers-test drivers who own it an exciting, adrenaline-filled driving experience.