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    XX Programmes - FXX K: Beauty meets Power

    29 maggio 2017

    Shanghai, 29 May 2017 - Ferrari Racing Days in Shanghai were a huge success with many thousands of people from all over China attending the Prancing Horse's big show. The XX Programmes was one of the activities most keenly followed by the public in the stands during the event, which concluded on Monday.   The magnificent seven. Seven FXX Ks were present at the International Circuit for a total of 7350 hp. Each of these cars developed for exclusive track use but not homologated for any championship can deliver 1050 horsepower through the perfect combination of heat engine and hybrid technology. Many of the concepts on the car are derived from Formula 1 while the car's appearance takes inspiration from the LaFerrari, a perfect blend of beauty and power.   Gala evening. A gala evening was also held for the special stars of the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti, which, thanks to a Shanghai resplendent in lovely weather, allowed guests to fully taste what it means to be part of the great Ferrari family. On Monday, the customers returned to the track for the final sessions before attending the F1 Show, featuring Andrea Bertolini and the mechanics of Scuderia Ferrari.