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    XX Programmes close Ferrari Racing Days at Atlanta

    Road Atlanta 09 marzo 2020

    Eighteen XX Programmes cars took to the track during the Ferrari Racing Days weekend at Road Atlanta. As many as eleven FXX-K Evos, five 599XX Evos and two FXX Evos allowed their owners to enjoy the exceptional dynamic qualities and immense power of these engineering masterpieces. The 1050 bhp of the FXX-K Evo, combined with its aerodynamic efficiency, provided plenty of fun and driving pleasure, qualities also present in the 599XX Evo and the FXX Evo, always a big favourite of the enthusiasts. Road Atlanta was the opening event of the 2020 season which will visit some of the world’s most spectacular circuits. The next stop for XX Programmes customers is the Circuit of the Americas, Texas, from 12 to 13 March.