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    XX  F1 Clienti - Conclusion of the two-days of the Mugello

    27 aprile 2016

    Scarperia, 27 April 2016 – Second and final day of free trials for the F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes on the Mugello track. Thirty-four cars of the XX Programmes flashed along the legendary "Arrabbiate" corners: one FXX, the earliest ancestor of this very special type of car, four 599XX, eleven 599XX Evo, and 18 FXX K, the latest incarnation among the test cars whose drivers are also test drivers for the Maranello brand. The car is powered by 1,050 HP, thanks to its 12 cylinder, 6-litre engine and a hybrid system derived from Formula 1. A very well prepared group of instructors, in addition to the engineers, supported the customers, advised them, and did with them the telemetry readings. F1 Clienti. Once again, during the second day of free practice on the Tuscan track, the cars of the XX Programmes alternated with the F1 Clienti cars; the latter made history in the category and Ferrari makes them available for sale to a very select group. Thirteen cars from among the most successful single-seaters in the history of Ferrari and of the entire Formula 1 could be seen on the Italian circuit: the F2001, F2002, and F2003-GA for example, which, thanks to Michael Schumacher, but also Rubens Barrichello, still occupy a special place in the heart of fans. Once again, Olivier Beretta and Marc Gené, test driver for Scuderia Ferrari, were there to help and advise the customers drivers, to enable them to fully exploit the available potential of the cars. Dinner in spectacular surroundings. The gala dinner offered in honour of the customers was held Tuesday evening in the unusual surroundings of the Serra Torrigiani [greenhouses], in Florence. The next event of the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes will take place in less than a month in Vallelunga, just outside Rome.