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    The secrets of the Brno Circuit with Schirò

    Brno 28 maggio 2021

    Niccolò Schirò of Rossocorsa takes us through the secrets of the Brno circuit, which hosts the third round of the Ferrari Challenge.

    “Immediately at the first corner, we need to make maximum effort, and it is essential to brake hard and pull back on the throttle. It is important to keep the trajectory close to the inside edge of the track and then widen into the middle of the roadway. Then the second apex after which we have to hit the throttle straight away to tackle the long straight that leads into the second corner: a stretch where you have the chance to pass your rival”.

    “The second corner is the most technical part of the track, with treacherous turns that follow one after the other. Also, today the asphalt is slippery, so we need to drive as cleanly as possible, not overdoing the power as we head into the turn and gain time”.

    “In the last sector, there is a chicane where we have to be very careful not to lose precious seconds. Concentration is essential for the best possible finish to the lap. In this case, we need to use the entire roadway from the point of entry to the point of exit. The last turn is particularly delicate: it is important to take advantage of the outside of the corner and stay close to the kerb".