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    Qualifying 1 Complete at Ferrari Racing Days

    Monterey, California 11 maggio 2019

    Under a gorgeous blue bird day, Ferrari Challenge took to the track to accomplish its first qualifying session at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.  The typically cool weather of early May in Monterey continued to be a boon at the historic circuit as drivers were able to be comfortable in their cars and the Ferrari 488 Challenge race car could produce maximum power thanks to the cooler ambient temperatures.

    Trofeo Pirelli. Cooper MacNeil (Scuderia Corsa – Ferrari Westlake) took pole by the slimest of margins over his chief title antagonist, Benjamin Hites (The Collection).  The two competitors were split by less than one tenth of a second, ensuring the top spot will be hard fought at the historic circuit.  In the increasingly interesting fight for third, Martin Burrowes (Ferrari of Ft Lauderdale) took third over his primary competition, Thomas Tippl (Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari of Beverly Hills).  Martin claimed his spot with a 1:28.103, half of a second off of Benjamin Hites and another half of a second ahead of Thomas Tippl.

    Trofeo Pirelli AM. Karl Williams (Boardwalk Ferrari) made a triumphant return to Ferrari Challenge competition earning pole position in the Trofeo Pirelli AM category, beating out Neil Gehani (Continental Autosports) by another incredibly thin margin, just 0.068 seconds.  It was a closely fought field as the entire category was separated by just six tenths of a second.  Ultimately, though, Mark Fuller (Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari of Silicon Valley) took the third spot on the grid, by just 0.015 seconds over Danny Baker (Ferrari of Ft Lauderdale), who made his debut in the Trofeo Pirelli AM category this weekend.

    Coppa Shell. Mark Issa (Ferrari of Atlanta) continued his fine run of form, and without his typical sparing partner, Danny Baker (newly moved to Trofeo Pirelli AM), clearly took pole in the Coppa Shell category by two tenths of a second over Oscar Arroyo (Ferrari of Ft Lauderdale).  It was an excellent qualifying session for Oscar who also cleared Dale Katechis (Miller Motorcars) for third place by a further two tenths of second.  Brian Davis (Ferrari of Palm Beach), making his debut in the Coppa Shell category after sweeping the opening two rounds in Coppa Shell Am, qualified fourth, just 0.058 seconds off of third.

    Coppa Shell AM. Jay Schreibman (Cauley Ferrari) took pole in the Coppa Shell Am category in convincing fashion, gaping the rest of the Am field by nearly half of a second.  He was followed by Joe Sposato (Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari of Beverly Hills) in second and Eric Marston (Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari Westlake) in third.  Eric missed out on the front row by 0.010 seconds.

    Schedule. On track action continues at Ferrari Racing Days, with the Coppa Shell race 1 starting at 1:20pm followed by Trofeo Pirelli at 2:50pm.  All times are in GMT +7.