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    Prette’s victory. Fujiwara crowned Coppa Shell champion

    Mugello 26 ottobre 2019

    The Asia Pacific series of Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli came to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday at Mugello.  Makoto Fujiwara was crowned champion of the Coppa Shell category, the only class in the Asia Pacific championship that was still undecided.  In a race that featured numerous incidents, and several safety car periods, Makoto navigated to the win, beating his chief competition, Kazuyuki Yamaguchi both to the win and the title.

    Trofeo Pirelli Am.

    Philippe Prette (Blackbird Concessionaires) took the win, besting Go Max (M Auto Hiroshima) in a battle that ebbed and flowed through the race’s 30 minute duration.  After the first lap safety car period, Philippe was able to generate a gap to Go Max.  Over the ensuing ten minutes, however, Go Max was able to slowly eat away at the gap, getting as close as half of a second to Philippe’s rear bumper.  But, once again, there was an incident that brought out the safety car and ended the race before Go could make the move.  Nobuhiro Imada (Rosso Scuderia) took third.


    Coppa Shell.

    Makoto Fujiwara (Cornes Shiba) took the win and the Coppa Shell championship for the Asia Pacific series, beating his chief championship rival Kazuyuki Yamaguchi (Cornes Osaka), who finished second.  The duo enjoyed a race-long battle after a lap one incident took Michael Choi out of the race and out of contention for the title.  The incident, occurring in the opening lap, came at no fault of Michael, but caused too much damage for him to continue.


    Coppa Shell Am.  

    Ray Wu (Blackbird Concessionaires) took the win in Race-2, closing out a massively impressive season with yet another win.  He took the top spot over Atsushi Iritani (Cornes Osaka) and Kent Chen (Modena Motori Taiwan) who finished second and third respectively.