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    Let’s hear it from the Race 1 winners of Suzuka

    Suzuka 16 luglio 2022

    The combination of a damp track and a very challenging circuit couldn’t detract the winners from savoring their win today.

    Yudai Uchida, Winner, Trofeo Pirelli – "It was, physically, a very tough race for me. For the first 2 or 3 laps, the tyres were extremely slippery but putting on slicks was a right decision that I made. Although Suzuka Circuit is a very challenging one, I personally like it very much.  I’m very happy and satisfied with my results today."

    Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, Winner, Coppa Shell – "The weather wasn’t great today, even during qualifying. Suzuka Circuit is difficult and that’s why I really like it. And to be honest it was a challenging race today, but I enjoyed it a lot since it was my first race in two years. This year, I was finally able to compete with my international team, which I particularly enjoy. It’s my first race at Suzuka in a long time, since 2018, so today’s race brought back my driving sense and I will use this knowledge for Race 2 tomorrow."

    Kanji Yagura, Winner, Coppa Shell AM - "I was very surprised to win the race on my debut. Suzuka requires a lot of driving skills but it is my home ground and sometimes I drive here with other cars, so I was confident that I could do my best. But I think it was also beginner’s luck for me as it was my first real race.  I would like to thank my family, my team and Cornes Osaka for their support and this win is for them."