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    Launch of “Exclusive Experience” for XX Programme

    Vallelunga 29 ottobre 2021

    The XX Programme has added a new “Exclusive Experience” format to its range of events, giving a limited number of participants access to a more advanced level of knowledge and use of their vehicles. The first round of the two-day programme was held at Vallelunga.

    One of Rome’s most exclusive hotels hosted the first briefing, which offered customers an authentic behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of the programme’s cars. This ranged from the definition of the design – illustrating the creative processes developed by the Ferrari Centro Stile – to the development tests, through to more technical topics such as tyres or electronics, interacting with the test teams and engineers who worked on the project.

    Also, the dynamic activities on track allowed customers, supervised by a dedicated instructor throughout the day, to drive the cars in “advanced” mode, also performing practice starts like in races. Six cars took to the track, four 599XX Evos and two FXX-K Evos, the maximum allowed for this new type of event.