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    Ferrari Racing Days - A grand finale at Homestead

    07 novembre 2016

    Homestead, 6 November 2016 – The Ferrari Racing Days at Homestead, near Miami closed with a day of excitement and entertainment. Fans enjoyed a show from a handful of F1 Clienti cars and around 20 cars of the XX Programmes, including the wonderful FXX K and more than thirty 458 Challenge EVOs which battled it out on the Florida speedway.   Formula 1 and more. The F1 Clienti cars offered a spectacle that as usual aroused adrenaline, wonder and curiosity. The adrenaline came through seeing these cars live after having followed them from home on tracks around the world. To listen to the live sound of the 12 cylinder Formula 1 engine, mounted in this case on the 412 T1 and T2 of 1994 and 1995 is a fantastic experience for fans of the category. Then along with the single-seaters we also saw one of the most successful Ferraris in history, the F333 SP “barchetta” of 1998 that won so much in America and also secured the Prancing Horse its last overall win in the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona.   Technological jewels. As usual, the cars of the XX Programmes attracted the eye of the public and enthusiasts. The show included all three cars that have marked the history of this very special Corse Clienti activity. These vehicles are only approved for use only on track, but are made with total design freedom, as they don't compete in any championship. They are entrusted to a highly select group of customers who also act as testers for Maranello helping the engineers by collecting telemetry data for the design of the Ferraris of the future.   Motorsport. The fans were also treated to competitive races. Sunday, like the previous day, saw two races of the penultimate round of the Ferrari Challenge North America. Then there was no shortage of opportunities for gathering in the paddock including of course the display of the range of road cars glittering proudly under the Miami sun. The sadness that came at the end of each event of the Ferrari Racing Days at Homestead was mitigated by the fact that in less than a month there will be an extraordinary opportunity to see a similar Ferrari show. Indeed, from 1 to 4 December the legendary Daytona track will host the Finali Mondiali, the first ever organised in America.