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    Ferrari Challenge Europe - Coppa Shell: Lovat and Scheltema chase Loefflad

    06 ottobre 2016

    Jerez de la Frontera, 5 October 2016 – The engines of the Ferrari Challenge Europe will rev up again this weekend and take to the track in Jerez de la Frontera for the season's second last event. The field is wide open in all three Coppa Shell competitions: overall title, Coppa Gentlemen, and Ladies Cup.   Kessel Racing duo. Despite a disappointing weekend in Hockenheim, Thomas Loefflad leads the standings for the overall title with 149 points earned with four wins and three podium finishes. Two Kessel Racing standard-bearers are chasing the StileF Squadra Corse driver: Rick Lovat, who dominated in Hockenheim, is 31 behind the championship leader, while Fons Scheltema, just back from the Barcelona race of the GT Sports Club, follows 46 points behind the leader. Loefflad's objective is to increase the lead on his immediate pursuer to 45 points; this way he will be able to go to Daytona to seek of the world title, with the certainty of winning the championship.   Coppa Gentlemen. In Coppa Gentlemen, the standings reserved for drivers over 55, the competition is even tighter and takes place among the drivers of Kessel Racing. Lovat and Sheltema are separated by 15 points and a third intruder follows 30 points behind the leader: Erich Prinoth, who this year has won a race at the Mugello on the car of the Ineco-MP Racing team.   Ladies Cup. The race is very close also in the Ladies Cup, in which two contenders share the lead: Manuela Gostner (Ineco-MP Racing) and Deborah Mayer (Scuderia Niki). The potential spoiler is just two points behind: Corinna Gostner (Ineco MP Service). While we wait to take to the track in Spain, we offer you a video of the highlights of the Hockenheim race.