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    Delacour, a convincing debut

    Spielberg 30 aprile 2021

    A debut with two podiums is a result that many drivers dream of. For Hugo Delacour, the dream came true with two third places in the Trofeo Pirelli Am at Monza, but not without regret at having just missed out on victory in Race-2. The Frenchman from Scuderia Monte-Carlo talked about his experiences a few hours before the start of the Spielberg weekend.

    A great debut at Monza, with two third places even though victory seemed to be within reach, especially in Race-2. How would you rate your first weekend in the Challenge?

    “As you said, it was my first ever weekend, so I can’t be anything but pleased - after all, my initial goal was simply to cross the finish line! It was an exhilarating moment”.

    Your rapport with the 488 Challenge Evo seemed immediate and very good. What features of the car do you particularly like?

    “The first thing is the power. Also, the centrally positioned engine provides perfect weight balance. In short, it is a very intuitive, agile and pleasant car to drive”.

    The Trofeo Pirelli Am is a hard-fought category, and there are many drivers capable of mounting the podium. Who do you imagine your rivals will be?

    “You only have to look at the times to see how close everyone is to each other. It’s a very tight fight. This means that in every race, external factors such as weather, temperature, and asphalt conditions, not to mention, of course, mistakes and the way you drive, play a key role. To sum up: everyone is a rival to keep an eye on”.