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    “Alex Fox”, ambitions and clear ideas for Spielberg

    Spielberg 30 aprile 2021

    A title won can turn into extra pressure or extra impetus towards further successes. The laurels “Alex Fox” won in the Coppa Shell Am 2020 and the consequent promotion to the Coppa Shell made the SF Grand Est Mulhouse driver even surer of his abilities, as the opening round at Monza showed. Although he wasn’t one among the top contenders in the 2019 weekend at Spielberg, the Frenchman has a clear recipe for victory in Austria, as he explained before taking to the track.

    Reigning Coppa Shell Am champion, this year, you were promoted to the Coppa Shell. How did you decide to prepare for this new category?

    ““The change of category will be a nice challenge because now I have to deal with another level of driver, and it will be far tougher. But I am happy because now I am in the highest class for my age, and I will have a lot of fun battling with these new drivers”.

    At Monza, you secured fourth place in Race-1 and victory in Race-2. What are you targeting here in Austria?

    “To be honest, I won’t be aiming to win the race, but I will try to mount the podium. If I get the chance and luck is on my side, then I will try for the top spot, but above all, I hope to secure a podium in these races”.

    The Spielberg track is high-speed and technical. Is it a track that suits your driving style?

    “I consider myself a beginner compared to my rivals, and I don’t claim to have the right skills to tackle the Spielberg circuit. I will do my best. I will put the teachings of my coach and my team to good use. The most important thing will be to have fun and know that I have good friends”.