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    Fast Lane: Thomas Gostner

    Maranello 18 agosto 2020

    Guest of the “Fast Lane” section is Thomas Gostner from the CDP - MP Racing team, one of the veterans of the Ferrari Challenge. The South Tyrolean this year celebrates a tenth season with the Prancing Horse red livery, in a series in which he shares his passion for both racing and Ferraris with other family members such as his daughter Corinna whom he has to face in Coppa Shell category.

    You are one of the most veteran drivers participating in the Ferrari Challenge: what keeps you so motivated in 2020?

    “We decided to continue because it's a great series, where I still enjoy racing so much. This also applies to the rest of my family as well.”

    You achieved two pole positions in the first round of Imola, but it is a pity that you were unable to start in either of the two races. What happened?

    "It was a real shame. On the first day we had a technical issue, while on the second day I made a mistake and went off the track and damaged the car during the qualifying. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to fix it ahead of the race.”

    Which of the circuits still to be tackled do you most look forward to? And which is the one on which you think you can best express yourself?

    “The next race will take place at the Mugello circuit which I think is beautiful. I like it a lot and I hope I can do well there.”

    How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a race? Do you ever follow any kind of ritual before taking to the track?

    “I don't have a specific ritual and I don't follow any particular preparation. I try to rest before getting on the track and I keep fit by going swimming.”

    Of all the races in your career in the Ferrari Challenge, which one has been the most exciting?

    “In ten years of racing I have taken part in so many races that it’s difficult for me to remember any one in particular, but there have been so many exciting ones that I have really enjoyed.”