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    Fast Lane: Oliver Plassmann

    Maranello 05 ottobre 2021

    German Oliver Plassmann of the Ulrich Frankfurt team aims to have fun but not at the expense of performance. He seeks to play a leading role in the Trofeo Pirelli AM. Competing in his third season in the Ferrari Challenge, he spoke to Fast Lane about his ambitions and experience in the championship.

    You are now in your third season of the Ferrari Challenge: How has your experience changed over the years?

    “Well the first year was about breaking the ice, getting to know the championship and the car: it was a fresh start. The second-year was quite complicated because of the pandemic. However, this year my goal is to have fun and improve. I’m trying to improve my performance and find the right pace. Let’s say I aim to be in the top ten in every race”.

    You drive an all-black car on track. How did you get the idea for this livery?

    “Actually, there is no particular reason. To be honest, my wife came up with the design!”

    On what circuit are you most comfortable?

    “I would say the Nürburgring, not only because it’s my home circuit, but also because I love fast tracks”.

    Do you race in other championships besides the Ferrari Challenge?

    “I have registered for the Ferrari Racing Series Germany, and I participate in other championships”.

    How do you prepare before a race? Gym, special diet?

    “I work out in the gym, although I try not to overdo it. In the morning, before going out on track, I fast and only eat a banana. However, the night before the weekend begins, I transgress and treat myself to a lovely bottle of champagne!”.