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    Fast Lane: Matthias Moser

    Maranello 26 ottobre 2021

    German driver Matthias Moser, who races in the Coppa Shell Am class for the Baron Motorsport team, shared his thoughts with Fast Lane. In the meantime, the main objective remains to learn, garner experience and improve every weekend. Given that his first objective having already been accomplished: that of fulfilling a life-long dream.

    How would you describe the Ferrari Challenge universe?

    "The Ferrari Challenge paddock is full of excitement, fun and a truly magical atmosphere. In just a single weekend you meet so many special people that you wouldn't normally meet in everyday life.

    What kind of driver is Matthias Moser?

    "I'm just starting out and I can see that I'm improving race by race and I'm very proud of that. At the same time I am aware that I still have a lot to learn and I try to make the most of every experience and every session, from free practice to the races themselves.

    Do you follow a special diet before racing? 

    "Not really, I try to keep it light and have my last meal two hours before going out on the track. But no, I don't follow any particular diet.

    How do you get on with the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo and what do you appreciate most about the car?

    "It's a great car, I love the power it is capable of delivering. Above all, I find the aerodynamic improvements that have been made from the previous version to be perfect. The sound is great too, just like the car. I have always dreamed of racing with Ferrari and the 488 Challenge Evo embodies that dream perfectly.

    Is there a driver who inspires you or who you try to emulate?

    "I would definitely say my colleague and team-mate Ernst Kirchmayr. Although he is older than me he manages to be much faster and above all he is extremely professional. A professionalism that is immediately noticeable every time he has to prepare for a qualification session or a race: This is exactly what I am trying to do too.