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    Fast Lane: Marco Pulcini

    Marco Pulcini is the guest of the latest episode of Fast Lane.

    Maranello 25 maggio 2021

    Marco Pulcini is the guest of the latest episode of Fast Lane. He was drawn to the track by his great passion for the world of cars. In the summer of 2020, he made his first contact with Ferrari, driving the 488 Challenge Evo in the Coppa Italia before making the big leap into the Ferrari Challenge during the 2020 Finali Mondiali at Misano. 

    You made your debut in the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo last August in the Coppa Italia GT at Vallelunga. Tell us how it went and how you got on with the car?

    “Basically, I signed up for the Coppa Italia just to get my international licence so I could compete in the Ferrari Challenge Pirelli AM in Europe. Thanks to Covid, we only took to the track four times, with a maximum of three cars per race. Actually, I must say that it turned out to be a great experience, also because it went very well and I won some podiums. I felt at home in the car: it was a fantastic experience. I had never taken part in an event like that either in karts or any other discipline”.

    What sparked off your passion for motorsport?

    “I’ve always had this passion: for example, I got into motorbike racing as a kid. Then I took part in the Drivers’ Courses with Ferrari, and I soon grew to like that world. And now I’m here!”

    What is your most exciting memory as a driver? 

    “My most exciting memory is from my first race in the Coppa Italia. It was 50 degrees inside the cockpit, and I had to summon up all my strength to complete the race. In the end, when I crossed the finish line, I burst into tears of joy because it was my first experience, and I had clinched the podium. It was incredible.”

    How do you balance work and track activities?

    “Good question. It’s not easy because I travel a lot for work, so it takes up loads of time in my life. The office is in Munich, but in reality, I am always in different places. It helps make me a determined sort of person. Physical and mental training is excellent support. It helps me keep calm and organise my time, finding space for everything I want to do”.

    Can you describe your helmet and tell us what the various colours mean?

    “The helmet was developed by a good friend of mine: an Italian guy who did it himself, starting from scratch and who now also designs helmets for Formula 1 drivers. We sat around a table, and we came up with the helmet style together. Then, I decided to put the well-known cartoon character, Taz-Mania, on the back: my family gave me this moniker because I was always on the move, never still, just like the Tasmanian Devil. And then, of course, the colours of the Italian flag because I love my country”.