Fast Lane: Joakim Olander

Maranello 14 settembre 2021

An innate passion for speed and a visceral love for Ferrari led Joakim Olander to try his hand at the Prancing Horse one-make series. From ski slopes to asphalt tracks. This big leap did not bother the Scuderia Autoropa driver, who quickly showed his competitiveness and ability at the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo wheel. Olander spoke about it to Fast Lane.

This is your first season. What made you want to race in Ferrari Challenge?

“I have always loved Ferrari, as a brand and for its legendary sporting tradition. I started racing karts as a kid, and when the opportunity arose to cultivate my passion with Ferrari, I jumped at it. I entered this world and attended all the required courses to acquire the necessary skills. Then I started to compete, one step at a time, making my debut in the Club Challenge”.

What is your strong point?

“I’ve always loved speed: I started with karts, but at the same time, I was pretty competitive in skiing. Loving speed, not fearing it: So I can always give my best, daring and risking at the right point on the track. On the other hand, in Scandinavia, I was used to driving on snowy and icy roads. On a sunny day or at the track, I’m certainly not afraid to put my foot on the accelerator”. 

In that respect, are you more comfortable with qualifying or racing?

“No doubt in the race you breathe competition. It’s kind of the heart of the weekend. But they are two very different and equally important areas. During qualifying you’re on your own, and the only goal is to keep fast. In the race, you’re up against other drivers, and there are different dynamics”.

What is your favourite type of track?

“I prefer fast tracks, and the Nürburgring is currently the one that suits my style best.” I live in Italy in Florence, so I’m very fond of Mugello: it is kind of my home track”.

How and when did your passion for motorsport begin?

“I started racing karts at a young age, but I think my passion was already well established. It is no coincidence that when I was a kid, I loved collecting and building model racing cars. Then in my twenties, I bought my first Ferrari, and it was the spark that ignited my passion for the brand”.