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    Face to face with Otto Blank

    Le Mans 11 giugno 2023

    How does it feel to drive the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo on a legendary circuit like Le Mans?
    “It’s really difficult to put into words what I feel, because it’s a completely new experience for me: it’s my first time at Le Mans and only my second time at the wheel of a racing car. There are so many emotions and feelings all mixed up together.”


    Besides the Challenge, you also take part in another Ferrari sporting activity.
    “I participate in the Ferrari XX Programme, where you get the chance to drive some powerful, thrilling cars. It’s difficult to say what the differences are, compared to the Ferrari Challenge, because while the two series might look similar, the cars are radically different.”


    Does the Ferrari XX Programme make the Challenge easier to deal with?
    “Absolutely yes, especially the ‘one-on-one coaching’ approach which allows you to improve a lot. You get to know the circuits, you get to familiarise yourself with the car, you grow as a driver.”


    And you are also a member of a very special club…
    “Yeah, I’m a member of the Hyperclub and it’s the most exciting experience of all. I grew up with the legend of Michael Schumacher, I’ve been a big Ferrari fan since I was six years old, so to be in the paddock during the races, to be part of the team, really means a lot to me.” 


    Being part of the team also from a practical point of view, as you spend the day together with the team.
    “Of course. Just think that we sleep right on the circuit, we move around the paddock. In short, you get an all-round experience of motorsport.”

    What do you think of the Ferrari 499P, the jewel that will take to the track in the Hypercar class?
    “It’s a marvellous car, really powerful. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’m always pleased when a Prancing Horse car wins.”

    11 giugno, 2023