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    Face to face with Hanno Laskowski

    Le Mans 09 giugno 2023

    One of the protagonists in the Ferrari Challenge, racing for the title in the Trofeo Pirelli Am class, but for Hanno Laskowski the round in Le Mans is much more than just a race.

    What does it feel like to race on a circuit like Le Mans?

    “It’s hard to explain… I can say that last year I came here as a spectator and to be at Le Mans today as a driver is simply incredible. It’s a circuit that I’ve only ever seen on television or in live streaming on the internet: to be able to experience it as a driver is a unique thrill.”

    Is there a section of the track that you particularly love?

    “Given that the entire circuit is legendary, I think the point where the two turns lead into the main straight is the most representative: the moment you pass under the Dunlop Bridge you can really breathe Le Mans.”

    The combination with the 24 Hours will guarantee an exceptional crowd. Is being surrounded by fans, by supporters, something you feel when you are in the race or are you too focused on driving?

    “You feel it, of course! The moment you put on the racing overalls with the Ferrari symbol you feel the history of the brand, its legend and in the same way you feel the passion of the fans and the tifosi. It’s an experience that you carry in your heart for the rest of your life.”

    What does the Prancing Horse mean to you?

    “I have always dreamed of racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and this experience is a great appetiser for me! The history of Ferrari is the history of motorsport. I bought my first Ferrari in 2009 and ever since that day it has been like living a dream for me.”

    You also participate in the Club Competizioni GT. How is it different from Ferrari Challenge?

    “It is very different because Club Competizioni GT is not focused on competition-style racing like the Challenge is. The focus is more on having fun driving the GT3 cars, and you don’t see the others as rivals but as companions in the same group. I really love Club Competizioni GT because the GT3 cars are really special; it’s a completely different experience compared to the Challenge. And then my goal is to make it to GT3, so for me it’s a kind of preparation.”

    You also belong to another club…

    “That’s right, the Hyperclub. For those who love the atmosphere of racing, it is the ideal club because it allows you to experience the race from a very special point of view, an all-round experience. You move among the drivers, among the cars, among the mechanics, from one side of the paddock to the other: simply incredible.”

    You will be together with the team all day…

    “It’s an incredible opportunity, organised to perfection. You feel like a kid living a dream. Really an incredible experience.”