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    F1 Clienti and XX Programmes - Motor Legend Festival at Imola closes in style

    22 aprile 2018

    Imola, 22 April 2018 - The Motor Legend Festival of Imola, a classic and modern car show featuring some real jewels of motorsport from around the world, closed this afternoon. Ferrari played a leading role at the Romagna event, present on the Saterno circuit with the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes, two of its most exclusive activities.   Unmistakable sound. The crowd at the Motor Legend Festival basked in the rumble of Formula 1 engines of the 80s and 90s and the first decade of the new millennium. The aspirated V12 engine roared once again around the Imola track, with the F1-89, in which Nigel Mansell was long in third at the San Marino Grand Prix, and the 412 T2, in which Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger finished in second and third in 1995, behind Damon Hill. The sound of the V10s of the single-seaters of the Michael Schumacher era is also unmistakable, as is that of the V8s of the last non-hybrid generation of Formula 1 cars.   Exceptional power. The cars of the XX Programmes drew the attention of the Imola crowd. In particular, the FFX K, with its sophisticated aerodynamics, especially thanks to the EVO kit, and with its 1000-plus hp of power, was the firm favourite. The eight models that lapped may have been the most photographed, but the 599XX, featuring a technology that creates a ground effect under the car, and the FXXs certainly didn’t pass unnoticed. Along with the cars of the XX Programmes, the F333SP also took to the track. The last racing prototype built by Ferrari triumphed around the world from 1994 to the early years of the 21st century, also emerging overall winner at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1998, crewed by Didier Theys, Mauro Baldi, Arie Luyendyk and Giampiero Moretti.