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    Driver comments from the Trofeo Pirelli Race-1 podium at Mugello

    Mugello 26 ottobre 2023

    Race-1 of the Challenge Europe at Mugello was decided in the final turns with the success of Adrian Sutil (Gohm - Baron Motorsport) and a championship triumph for Eliseo Donno (Radicci Automobili) in Trofeo Pirelli, second ahead of rival Thomas Fleming (HR Owen - FF Corse). Trofeo Pirelli Am was also a thriller with victory going to Japanese driver Yudai Uchida (Rosso Scuderia) ahead of Hendrik Viol (Scuderia Praha) and Nicolò Rosi (Kessel Racing).

    Adrian Sutil, Trofeo Pirelli winner: “I started from fourth position, having not managed to achieve more in qualifying due to the weather conditions. I got off to a good start and immediately managed to reach second place and then found the pace and the right confidence with the wet asphalt, but first place was already far away and the gap was important. Luckily for me the Safety Car came out and at that point I was able to take advantage of the restart, managing to get into the lead within a few corners. This is my first victory of the season.”

    Eliseo Donno, Trofeo Pirelli runner-up: “I’m really happy, I’ve had a great time with my team all year in this fantastic championship and having a race like this at the last minute is even more exciting. The start wasn’t the best, but I still managed to recover up to second position, and even the penalty didn’t change the order. I thank all my team. It was a wonderful championship: I would recommend participation to anyone who wanted to experience being a driver or getting closer to motorsport. Now my eyes are set on the Finali Mondiali, with a lighter heart, also because I didn’t think I could wrap things up on the first day.”

    Thomas Fleming, Trofeo Pirelli third place: “It was a thrilling race from start to finish. Unfortunately, I was overtaken by Sutil on the restart after the Safety Car, penalized by damage to the steering. I can say that I am satisfied with third place and I am proud of what I did this year: we almost dominated in the second part of the championship and this despite it being my first time in this championship. I have to thank my team and all those people who supported me and showed me affection, allowing me to work in the best possible way. Now I will focus on the Finali Mondiali which remains my main goal, given that the European title is now out of my reach.”

    Yudai Uchida, Trofeo Pirelli Am winner: “I’m really happy, it’s an incredible feeling. The weather conditions today were quite complicated and made the race very tough. I tried to push as much as possible while remaining cautious. I’m really happy.”

    Hendrik Viol, Trofeo Pirelli Am runner-up: “It was a hard race with a very slippery track. It was a real challenge to keep the cars on the track while trying to go as fast as possible. I think second place is an excellent result.”

    Nicolò Rosi, Trofeo Pirelli Am third place: “It was a beautiful race; really fun. Such a slippery track becomes even more challenging, but I would say that in general with all the opponents it was a very clean race. And then at Mugello it’s always a big party. I’m really pleased.”