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    Coppa Shell Race 2 Podium Interviews at Snetterton

    Snetterton 12 luglio 2021

    At the end of the prize-giving ceremony we listened to the thoughts of the protagonists of the final race of the weekend in Snetterton.

    Paul Simmerson, 1st Coppa Shell Race 2: “I’d like to thank the guys in my garage. They got the car set-up right today and that really helped me to beat Graham (de Zille). I think the pace came from a lucky T-shirt Paul (Rogers) gave me…so I think I will be wearing it again next week!”

    Graham de Zille, 2nd Coppa Shell Race 2: “It was mighty ugly today; many apologies to Andie (Stokoe) who I had a bit of a red mist moment with - I was so excited about getting up and alongside Paul (Hogarth) I didn’t think there was another car there, so, sorry Andie!

    Paul Rogers, 3rd Coppa Shell Race 2: “Yeah it was a good race, I was a little bit slower compared to yesterday, but well done to Paul (Simmerson)”