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    Coppa Shell, Race-2 comments

    Monza 11 aprile 2021

    After kicking off the 2021 season with a spectacular race, the Coppa Shell drivers performed an encore on Sunday, marked by many twists, turns and duels. The winners were “Alex Fox” and Giuseppe Ramelli, accompanied on the podium by the drivers we spoke to at the end of the race.

    James Weiland, runner-up Coppa Shell: “I’m a little disappointed with how things went in the early stages. I drove badly. It was a hard-fought race with excellent drivers. We had a lot of fun, and in the end, I still managed to take second place: I’m very satisfied”.

    Axel Sartingen, third place Coppa Shell: “Unfortunately, qualifying didn’t go wonderfully. I wasn’t very lucky, and so I started from third position. I zoomed off in pursuit of first but forced the pace too much, damaging my left rear tyre. Unfortunately, I had to slow down a bit, and Weiland took the opportunity to pass me. I could have made the first step of the podium, but that’s ok; there’s always next time. Monza is beautiful but is really difficult in the rain!”

    Willem Van Der Vorm, second place Coppa Shell Am: “It was a good race. It was raining, and so with wet asphalt, you have to keep the situation under control. I started from sixth position, ninth overall, and almost grabbed the win if it hadn’t been for the Safety Car. So I am very satisfied. It’s still a second place, and I have no reason to complain about how things panned out”.

    Tommy Lindroth, third place Coppa Shell Am: “The wet asphalt made me drive cautiously, keeping my position. It’s a shame because the Safety car came out as I was about to pass both drivers ahead of me. Anyway, I’m satisfied: the last time I climbed into a racing car was a year and a half ago before I had a serious accident in which I had a close call. So I’m very pleased with my return”.