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    Comments from the Race 2 podium at Suzuka

    Suzuka 16 luglio 2023

    Ryuichi Kunihiro secured a triumphant first win in the scorching Suzuka Circuit, leading the charge to the checkered flag in the fourth round of the Coppa Shell class of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Japan season.

    Yudai Uchida, first classified Trofeo Pirelli: "Despite a penalty that put me in fifth overall and second in my class, I was optimistic going into the race. I had made changes to the car after studying the data from yesterday's Race 1, and it paid off - my pace was good from the start. It was an incredibly challenging day in the heat, but all the hard work with daily fitness training was worth it. I was pleased to have formulated a winning strategy and executed it with ultimate success.”

    Motohiro Kotani, first classified Trofeo Pirelli Am: "I revised the set-up of the car in the previous round at Fuji Speedway in Round 3, making it not only faster but also more manageable. I began the race in second overall and in pole position for my class, yet I approached it with the determined ambition to overtake the Trofeo Pirelli class drivers who I had in front of me. My races have been undeniably exciting as of late."

    Ryuichi Kunihiro, first classified Coppa Shell: "After months of hard work and determination, I finally achieved my first triumph. My success was in part due to a great start on the track, giving me the edge I needed to make it to the front. Being mindful of differences in wind direction between days, I took the first corner with a headwind - a departure from the tailwind I had experienced on the initial race on the previous day. Later in the lap, the tailwind at Spoon Curve necessitated a change in my braking technique. Throughout my journey, I was lucky to have the assistance of experienced engineers familiar with the Suzuka Circuit, who provided the guidance I needed in order to bring the win home."

    Masato Yoneoka, first classified Coppa Shell Am: "Despite facing higher temperatures and difficult course conditions which put extra strain on my tires, I was able to remain focused and ultimately secure the win. Having begun my first Formula race two years ago at Suzuka Circuit and practicing on the simulator, I've become more familiar with the racing environment. I'm committed to pushing myself further and continuing to hone my driving skills."