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    Comments from Coppa Shell Race-1 podium at Spa

    Coppa Shell comments

    Spa-Francorchamps 16 settembre 2023

    It was a very hard-fought race in rather challenging weather that the drivers and teams had to handle carefully, staying focused throughout. In the end, Roger Grouwels took the top step of the podium in the Coppa Shell and Motohiko Isozaki in the Coppa Shell Am.

    Roger Grouwels, winner Coppa Shell: “I did an excellent job in free practice and managed to take pole position in qualifying. I’d not taken pole for at least three years! In the race, I gave it my all and claimed victory. In conclusion, I couldn’t be more satisfied with qualifying and the race. It’s been a long time since I felt such excitement.”

    Ernst Kirchmayr, runner-up Coppa Shell: “I’m delighted because I haven’t competed in many Ferrari Challenge races this year, as I have focused on other championships, such as GT3, and so I must admit I’m surprised to have achieved this result. Also, because the conditions weren’t easy. We went from dry to wet, so all in all I’m very satisfied.”

    Axel Sartingen, third Coppa Shell: “It was an eventful race. The rain made the track slippery during the first two laps. Then, the Safety Car intervened because of an accident and, following the stop, I managed and maintained my distance from my rivals. After the second Safety Car entered, the race became even more challenging, with intermittent rain in which it was really difficult always to drive at top speed. Finishing in third place was all I could wish for.” 

    Motohiko Isozaki, winner Coppa Shell Am: “Today I was very lucky. There were many accidents and so many restarts where I was very close to my opponents, but fortunately, everything went well. Tomorrow I hope this situation isn’t repeated. Thank you Ferrari.”

    Giuseppe Ramelli, second Coppa Shell Am: “It’s a circuit I love. After the poor qualifying, a podium is an excellent result.”

    Tommy Lindroth, third Coppa Shell Am: “I’m very pleased. It was my fifth time racing at Spa, and again, I made the podium. I hoped for a thunderstorm, but unfortunately, only a light drizzle fell. We are hopeful for tomorrow’s race.”