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    Comments after Coppa Shell Europe Race-1

    Mugello 19 novembre 2021

    Coppa Shell Race-1 was a real battle: hard-fought, intense, difficult, unpredictable, pushing body and mind to the limit. All this is clear from the comments of the drivers who mounted the podium alongside the two class winners Ernst Kirchmayr and Giuseppe Ramelli.

    Fons Scheltema, second position Coppa Shell: “It was quite tough but I did it. I came from P4, but I stayed in my class second, so was quite happy. It was a little bit tough at the last lap but I did it, in Mugello, it’s fantastic, of course. It’s my favorite track, and to be here back in Italy, we have some nice champagne, so I’m very happy to be here.”.

    James Weiland, third position Coppa Shell: “Fantastic feeling to be on the podium in Mugello. Such a great circuit and great event. A pretty good race, ended up holding position, just trying to make get close to the second place but I couldn’t quite go for that. Looking forward to tomorrow.”.

    Alexander Nussbaumer, second position Coppa Shell AM: “The feeling was great, it’s always nice to be on podium. My race was nice, a lot of traffic, a lot of fights, really big fight. It was close but I’m happy and tomorrow we go for the first.”.

    Laurent De Meeus, third position Coppa Shell AM: “Normally third would not be a great result for me, but today I’m really happy of this result. It was a really good race with Willem and other Shell Am, lots of overtaking and tense moments and I’m very happy to finish third. I hope to do better tomorrow for sure.”.