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    A one-to-one with Paolo Scudieri

    Valencia 26 marzo 2023

    In his fourth season in the Ferrari Challenge, Paolo Scudieri clinched his maiden win in the Coppa Shell Am at Valencia’s Circuit Ricardo Tormo. ‘It was an emblematic race, full of twists and turns and a tight battle with many extremely competitive adversaries,’ says a still enthusiastic Paolo, who we meet in the pits, next to his car, the day after the triumph. ‘I managed to pull back many positions,’ he continues, ‘all the way to first place, and it is an enormous satisfaction for me to have achieved this triumph at the season opener.’

    It could not have been a better start...

    ‘That’s true. And I hope it can continue like this and that this 31st season of the Ferrari Challenge could be one of the best ever. Thanks definitely to the great organisation of Ferrari, to an extraordinary car like the 488 Challenge Evo and also a little bit,’ Paolo smiles cheekily, ‘to the contribution of us drivers.’

    What is your feeling with the 488 Challenge Evo and how has it evolved over the years?

    ‘We have found constant and significant improvements from an aerodynamic point of view. It has an extraordinary engine with a lot of horsepower and unique reliability: it’s just pure fun, but also it’s a committed drive. I hope that it will continue to be a protagonist in the racing world, beyond the Challenge and will keep on bringing so much joy to the fans, but also to us drivers who drive it with such satisfaction.’

    How did you find the atmosphere of the Ferrari Challenge?

    ‘It’s a huge family, full of adrenaline and a spirit of cooperation. An important theme is the great respect between people; there are never any over-the-top scenes. And this is a great way to compete, but also to meet each other. It is an extraordinary world, thanks to the organisation, Antonello Coletta and everyone who works with him. It is absolutely unique to find a competition and a world like this.’

    Let’s get back to the track and talk about circuits. What is it like driving at Valencia?

    ‘The Ricardo Tormo is a peculiar track for car racing. A lot of fun, of course, but an anomaly in terms of its development, the radius of the corners, the long straight where you must utilise all your horsepower and at the end a sharp left-hander that has to be interpreted in just the right way. So, speed together with very technical sectors and hairpin bends: in short a full track, which puts drivers to the test and puts the tyres under pressure.’

    And looking ahead to the other circuits of the Ferrari Challenge season?

    ‘Another wonderful track, beyond Le Mans that we all dream about, is Spielberg. I like changes in elevation, so the Austrian track is one of those, as are Imola or Portimão; not to mention Mugello, that temple of Ferrari passion and where this year the Finali Mondiali will be held. It will certainly be another wonderful, adrenalin-fuelled season.’