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    24,000 hp on track at the Nordschleife

    Nordschleife 08 luglio 2019

    Names such as Flugplatz, Fuchsröhre, Kallenhard, Bergwerk, Caracciola Karussell, Brünnchen may mean very little to most people, but to racing enthusiasts, they bear a very special significance: the Nordschleife. The above names identify some of the most notorious stretches of the 20.832-kilometre north ring of the Nürburgring track. The circuit, one of the most arduous workbenches know to man and machine, was today host to the cars of the XX Programme for a private testing session. The event was one of the most eagerly anticipated for the clients participating in the Prancing Horse special initiative. The legendary circuit, often referred to as ‘Green Hell’, featuring 173 bends and 13 inclines, today gave twelve FXX-K Evo, three FXX K and FXX cars the opportunity to unleash the full fury of their combined 24,000 hp engine capability. It was not the first time, however, that the XX Programme has tackled the Nordschleife. On 22nd April 2010, a Ferrari 599XX broke the symbolic 7-minute barrier with a 6’58”16 lap, to become the fastest ever production-derived sports car in the history of the German circuit.