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    Car no. 51 post qualifying drivers’ comments

    Sakhir 13 dicembre 2019

    We have collected the comments of the two drivers of the 488 GTE no. 51 of AF Corse after the qualifying session that earned them third place on the grid.

    Alessandro Pier Guidi: "I'm pretty positive about the race. We worked hard on the setup during the various sessions because the conditions were quite changeable. In the end, I think that we found the best balance in qualifying, just when we really needed it most and like other occasions this year. We only used one set of tyres, unlike the Porsches in front of us. We'll see who's right at the end of the race. I'm delighted with my lap, and James also did a very good one, as always. We're confident about the race".

    James Calado: "It’s an excellent qualifying result, not so much for the starting position as for the chemistry with the car and its balance. I think the Porsches are very fast. It will be difficult to fight them tomorrow. Today it was simply impossible because we chose to use just one set of tyres, while they came out with two. Starting from the front is important, and tomorrow I am convinced that we have every chance to do well".