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    Quali recap: Charles second, Carlos fourth

    Sakhir 01 marzo 2024

    Finally, it’s time for the first qualifying session of the season. Air temp is 18 degrees, the track is at 21. 

    Q1. Carlos and Charles go out on new Medium tyres, setting times of 1’31”208 and 1’31”260. They pit for new Soft tyres with which they lap in 1’29”909 and 1’30”243 respectively, both making the cut.

    Q2. Charles and Carlos start off on used Soft tyres, setting times of 1’30”094 and 1’30”425 respectively. After pitting for a new set of the same compound Leclerc posts the quickest time of 1’29”165 followed by Carlos, third in 1’29”573.

    Q3. Carlos goes out on new Soft tyres, but Charles opts to do just one lap on a used set. On his first attempt the Monegasque does a 1’29”480, 59 thousandths slower than Max Verstappen’s best time. Sainz laps in 1’29”608, fifth, just five thousandths behind George Russell. After fitting new Softs, Charles and Carlos go back out again, both improving. The Monegasque claims second spot in 1’29”407 and Carlos is fourth in 1’29”507, just 22 thousandths slower than third placed George Russell. 

    01 marzo, 2024