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A very special anniversary

A stunning new Tailor Made Ferrari Roma celebrates 30 years of the Prancing Horse in China
Words: Tim Bradley

The Ferrari Tailor Made programme has unveiled one of its most beautiful creations to date in the shape of this one-of-a-kind Roma, which takes influences from China’s rich traditions and craftsmanship. 

The 620-cv turbo-charged Prancing Horse is the result of a collaboration between renowned female Chinese designer Jiang Oiong’er and the Ferrari Tailor Made programme, combining Chinese aesthetics and expertise with Italian design philosophy and Chinoiserie chic. 

Take a closer look at the beautiful Tailor Made Roma made to celebrate 30 years of Ferrari in China

Clad in a matte silver named ‘Sanusilver’ and ‘Rosso Magma Glossy’ the contrasting colour scheme suits the Roma chassis perfectly, while inside the car there are several details drawing from Chinese culture that make the cabin a special place to be. 

While the exterior features stripes running along the body inspired by furniture from the Ming Dynasty, the interior has Tailor Made-signature carbon fibre sills and a gold dedication plate engraved with the Chinese characters for the number 30, inlaid with jade to symbolise purity and gentility. 

The Roma comes with beautiful accessories as part of a lifestyle package, that include a bamboo-weaved tea set and crystal aroma defusers. Other details include a gold plate on the centre console with the Chinese symbol for the number 30. 

But it isn’t just the colour scheme on the inside and outside of the car which make it special. The car also comes with an exclusive ‘lifestyle package’ designed to heighten the experience of driving while encapsulating much of what makes China so memorable. 

Four aroma diffusers made from ebony and crystal allow a scent for each season, while a weaved bamboo tea set is accompanied by red and gold-spotted tea tools. There’s also an ebony cigar box, an inkstone ashtray, a paper kite, cashmere blankets and a Chinese checkers set manufactured from agate and leather. 

Leading Chinese designer Jiang Qiong'er brought all of her skills and cultural knowledge to the project with stunning results

The car’s conception is both a reverent nod to the past and an exciting look to the future. It has been three decades since the first Ferrari arrived in China, when a Beijing customer ordered a Ferrari 348 TS in 1992.

Today’s unique Roma fully embodies the marque relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, whilst simultaneously marking the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of Ferrari in China.