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The Official Ferrari Magazine: Issue 52

This issue the new 296 GTB heads out to the Dolomiti Mountains, a Ferrari F8 follows the Targa Florio course in Sicily and Christopher Lambert puts a Portofino M through its paces in France
Words – Ross Brown

Issue 52 of The Official Ferrari Magazine has arrived, with the revolutionary 296 GTB as its cover star.

Piloted by Ferrari GT driver Davide Rigon, the V6 hybrid was let loose on the tight Alpine roads near Brunico in South Tyrol, accompanied by photographer Philipp Rupprecht, to create truly breath-taking results.

In Sicily, FDA driver Marcus Armstrong takes a Ferrari F8 along the iconic route of the Targa Florio, while back in mainland France Christopher Lambert, the unforgettable ‘Highlander’, plays leading man to a Portofino M.  

Away from the noise of engines lies the peaceful serenity of the Cavallino Restaurant, where Enzo Ferrari dined daily. Now reopened and reimagined, we meet with Italy’s leading chef, Massimo Bottura, to explore a new menu that unites rich regional traditions with modern innovation.  


In the last issue the Ferrari Roma made its way up to Scotland to follow the route of the ancient Legionnaires along the Antonine Wall. This time the iconic Ferrari threads its way through the city streets of Australia’s Sydney, before heading inland to the Blue Mountains, bringing ‘La Dolce Vita’ to the Aussie lifestyle.   

An antique villa in the Italian countryside is the setting for this issue’s fashion collection, with tradition mixing with contemporary design in the form of a group of young friends and a latest generation Ferrari. Inside we celebrate the marque’s ethics of workmanship, materials, and design under the watchful eye of celebrated fashion photographer Johan Sandberg.   


As the 296 GTB reminds us of Ferrari’s deep roots in its 6-cylinder winning past, we explore the engines that made the world sit up and take notice, from the 1958 Dino 246 F1 – the first V6 in a Formula 1 car – right through to the sensational 126 C2 which won the F1 Constructor title for Ferrari in 1982.


Finally, join us for a drive down memory lane as our Classiche experts lovingly restore a Ferrari 375 F1, seventy years after it competed in the 1952 British Grand Prix.