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Tailor Made Inspirations

22 dicembre 2020

Alessandro Vaccari

A first look at ‘Ispirazioni 2020’, a collection of 36 configurations inspired by classic models and legendary Ferrari race cars, with an addition of pure creativity. All destined for three of the very newest Prancing Horse models

Over the years, Ferrari clients have shown their capacity for pushing imagination and creativity into unexplored territory and the House of Maranello has always done its very best to satisfy them. Plus, one of the Enzo Ferrari’s founding principles was the desire to guarantee clients an almost infinite capacity for personalising their cars.

This constant dialogue between the creativity of clients, and Ferrari designers’ technical prowess and research, is what has made the Tailor Made programme – launched in 2011 – such a success.

It is precisely to keep alive that dialogue, even in such difficult times, that Ferrari has created ‘Ispirazioni 2020’. It’s a new collection rich in ideas, materials and references to guide the creative process of those owners wanting to put their own unique stamp on three of the latest Prancing Horse models: the Ferrari Roma, the SF90 Stradale and the 812 GTS.

As ever, the client has the last word, but the options presented here are so rich and varied that they will certainly stimulate the creativity of even the most imaginative and sophisticated collectors.

In all, the Tailor Made department has created 36 configurations, 12 per model. Each one is the fruit of the creative efforts of the cars’ designers and the Tailor Made specialists, combining their wealth of experience accumulated from many years of working closely with clients who seek to make each car absolutely unique to them.

As per Tailor Made tradition, the ‘Ispirazioni 2020’ are divided into three collections: Scuderia, which takes its lead from the rich Ferrari racing history; Classica, which gives a new, modern twist to the style cues provided by Maranello’s most iconic road cars; and Inedita, which takes a more experimental and innovative tack in both colours and materials.

Legendary Grand Touring cars of the 1950s and ’60s provided the basis for creating incredibly contemporary, yet also powerfully evocative, configurations. These are flanked by other totally innovative designs born of the inventiveness of the Tailor Made team, inspired by a particular colour-matching, by an individual colour palette, and even by design objects or haute couture clothing.

As always in the Tailor Made programme, high tech and de luxe materials are the cornerstones upon which the interior suggestions are built. Two of the most unusual options are Kvadrat® Canvas, an exceptionally high-quality fabric that is 90% wool and 10% nylon, and Ultrasuede®, a hardwearing and breathable material created by weaving brushed microfibers to create a soft, smooth effect very similar to natural suede.

But the 36 ‘Ispirazioni 2020’ are just that: inspirations. It constitutes a hugely sophisticated expression of Ferrari’s infinite creative ability to stimulate that constant dialogue with its clients, something that from its very foundation has always been one of the brand’s greatest strengths.