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15 gennaio 2021

Ben Pulman

The esteemed Testa Rossa Awards recognise the best of the best working within Ferrari dealers across the world. These are the winners of 2020...

The home of Ferrari is Italy, but its family extends across the world. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable customers and fans are present around the globe – but so too are a talented and dedicated network of Ferrari dealers.

Within those dealers are people. Our people. People who welcome Ferrari enthusiasts into the brand as they realise a dream, people who build long-term relationships with passionate clients, and people who ensure any and every servicing request is meticulously met.

Their work does not go unrecognised, be it through appreciation and thanks from Ferrari owners, or recognition between their peers within each dealer. But Ferrari goes further, identifying and distinguishing the best of the best within our family of technicians, sales, aftersales and marketing executives, with the Testa Rossa Awards.

Established in 2017, the name of these global awards has special significance: ‘Testa’ refers to our rational, knowledge-driven selves, while ‘Rossa’ evokes the passion and the soul of Ferrari. It is, of course, also a nod to the 1950 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, a car that truly embodies the idea of competition.

For the previous three years, the finalists from the four categories for the Testa Rossa Awards have come to Maranello for the concluding week-long selection process – but as 2020 was unlike any year that had come before, the Ferrari Academy had to find a new way to recognise the best of the best. And recognise it must, because in a year when everyone has gone the extra mile, there was no question of not acknowledging the most distinguished talent at the heart of Ferrari.

‘To be one of finalists is already an incredible achievement,’ acknowledges the Head of the Ferrari Academy, Oreste Cappiello. ‘But we also want to crown our champions. Ferrari is a true luxury brand, so we recruit the best, retain the best, and reward the best. Every day, we strive for this – and the Testa Rossa Awards represent our recognition of the talented individuals who make Ferrari dealers so special.’

The initial round of the competition proceeded as normal, with participants in the four categories (Top Technician, Top Service Manager, Top Marketing Executive and Top Sales Executive) all completing their entrance requirements remotely. But with over 3000 applicants then whittled down to just 12 regional champions in each category, how to further evaluate them?

‘We designed a digital assessment,’ explains Cappiello. ‘We had discussions and presentations online – and we were even able to use our technology to have the 12 technician finalists remotely assess and diagnose cars here in Maranello. We also ensured that each finalist, be it from as far afield as North America or China, kept to their working day. We had finalists from 18 countries, so it was the judges in each category that worked around the clock – we had our work cut out too!’

While the finalists weren’t able to visit Maranello on this occasion – not just to compete, but to be shown our appreciation for their dedication through special events like Fiorano track tests – the response of our champions outlines why they were worthy winners. Without exception they were humbled by their selection, the acclaim only serving to strengthen their dedication to Ferrari, their dealer, and of course their customers.

To our four champions, congratulations. And to every individual at our dealers, thank you.