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Stamp of Approval

In part two of our series on Ferrari Approved, Marco Peruzzi enthuses about his pre-owned – but as good as new – Ferrari California
Words: Kevin Buckley / Photographs: Giuliano Koren

Marco Peruzzi calls it ‘my sliding doors moment’. It was 2012. His career was taking off and he felt it was time to realise his dream of owning a luxury sports car. 

He set his sights on a Ferrari California. But the 18-month waiting list seemed like an eternity. ‘I admit I was an impatient 28-year-old back then,’ he laughs.

Marco Peruzzi alongside his 812 Competizione, part of a Ferrari collection that began with a pre-owned California  

Then a friend mentioned there was a California for sale at Sa.Mo.Car in Rome. ‘I went to the dealership. The car was semi-new. But, for me, that still meant that it was “used”.  So I wasn’t sure. However, the dealer was great. He could see I was reticent, and told me all about the Approved Certificate programme.’

The programme’s specialist technicians dig into each model’s provenance and history as part of a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the car. The aim is to ensure that everything is in keeping with the model’s original specs, that any new items are authorised parts, and that all work has been done in the correct Ferrari-approved manner.

 On the road to Rocca Massima in the province of Latina, south east of Rome

‘When he explained all the checks that they do, I plucked up the courage, and overcame the prejudice I had about pre-owned models.’ Was he satisfied? ‘Absolutely,’ enthuses Marco. ‘It was a watershed moment for me. That California became my daily drive – I did 45,000 km in it!’

He embraced the marque, and hasn’t looked back. Today he owns an impressive stable that covers a 458 Speciale, a 488 Pista Spider, a 488 Pista Coupé, a 488 Challenge, a Portofino, an 812 GTS, an 812 Competizione, as well as an SF90 Spider. 

Sliding doors indeed.

Peruzzi describes his decision to opt for pre-owned as a 'sliding doors moment' back in 2012

‘The Sa.Mo.Car dealership happened to have the California that I was looking for, right when I was looking for it.’ The Approved Certificate made it happen. ‘It was destiny,’ smiles Marco. Although that impressive stable of Ferrari have all been bought brand new, he insists he would not hesitate to take the pre-owned route again, if necessary. 

‘It’s not a question of price. The ability to avoid a long wait is an absolutely valid reason for going pre-owned. And with the Ferrari dealership network, the cars are like new.’ He considers it a great way to first enter the marque and now advises friends: ‘Opt for the peace of mind provided by the Approved Certificate. It’s a guarantee when Ferrari put their stamp on it.’

The aim of the Approved Programme is to ensure that everything is in keeping with the model’s original specs, that any new items are authorised parts, and that all work has been done in the correct Ferrari-approved manner

For the past two years, Marco has been competing in the Challenge  Series. From 2025, he’ll be racing in the new 296 Challenge. Although originally attracted by the ‘legend of Ferrari’, his ongoing identification with the brand owes much to his own career. ‘Coming from an Italian manufacturing background the Italian-ness of Ferrari and its reputation as a maestro of manufacturing have always been important to me. It represents Italian pride, admired around the world. It’s not just a car. It’s an “oggetto bello” – a beautiful object.’ 

And this month saw another ‘sliding doors’ moment in Marco’s personal Ferrari story, when he became the first owner in Rome to take delivery of a magnificent Purosangue, in eye-catching Grigio Titanio livery, complete with its unique rear-hinged rear ‘welcome’ doors.