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Rosso Ferrari

14 febbraio 2019

Murray Lachlan Young

From the aluminium poured in the foundry to the assembly lines, from the modern shapes of the Gestione Sportiva to the welders’ sparks all the way to the multiple variations of Ferrari models, both from yesteryear and today. A poet and a photographer interpret our passion through the Prancing Horse’s most famous colour: Red



Photography: Massimo Siragusa

Out of the blackness, comes the red. 
Red calling, red the soul, 
red name's upon the “role/rule”, 
Testarossa GTO California Aperta. 

Red the “chamber”, red flame, 
red the Mark, red the name, 
red the beating Latin drum,
red the stamping pistons run, 
red the pounding of the hoof 
readily unrelenting truth. 
 Rapture, euphoria, delight, 
red apex of the band, red makes red turn, red again, 
read the line and red the style, 
red the heart beat, red smile, 

red the hands upon the wheel, red the fantasy, made real.