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The Dream

21 aprile 2017

Roger O’Donnell has had a thing for the Dino 246 GT since he was child growing up in London. Fast forward a couple of decades or so and, after years of global music success, the keyboard player was finally ready to realise his dream. The Dino’s roaring V6 engine is a delight, as is the car’s confident handling and iconic curves.

‘There’s something magical about the way it handles,’ O’Donnell explains. ‘How it grips the road, how solid every gear change feels, how it glides along… There’s something delightfully reassuring about the shape of the front wings: you can see them in front of you through the windscreen, leading the way. It’s a fantastic reminder of the beautiful car you’re driving.’


And, despite the car’s advancing years, it’s still able to provide the musician with a daily drive: ‘I want to enjoy my cars. I drive them all the time. I like taking the Dino to the grocery shop. It makes me happy.’