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22 dicembre 2020

Keith Bluemel

For owners of classic Prancing Horse cars that require nothing but perfection, Ferrari Classiche has a re-manufacture programme that guarantees replacement parts – or even a complete engine – are built to the original specifications

Great value is assigned to the originality of a car’s components. Cars that have the original engine and transmission parts command a premium over those with non-matching components. They may be of the correct type but if they weren’t originally fitted to that specific car, then values may suffer.

Yet no parts are more vulnerable to wear and tear than the mechanical components, on which time and use take their toll. For this reason, owners of particularly valuable cars, although relishing the driving experience, may not want to risk using them for fear of something breaking and destroying the provenance of their car.

Moreover, the new owner of a classic Ferrari may face some dilemmas. Perhaps the car has previously been fitted with certain components that are not original. Or perhaps an engine or chassis already restored has made use of non-original parts in the process. These are all factors that can affect the value of the car itself.

Fortunately, Ferrari’s Classiche division has a solution to this problem. Right from the inauguration, in 2006, a parts re-manufacturing programme has been an important and integral part of the department’s function. It provides owners of valuable classic examples of the marque with the peace of mind that – should they have a failure on their pride and joy – there is the possibility to have a replacement part manufactured to the original specification by the original manufacturer.

The department has a vast archive of original information – including individual car build sheets and technical drawings ­– from which they can construct components to the original specification. They also have access to the foundry and machine shop, so that many parts are actually manufactured in the same location as they were back in the day.

The phrase ‘original specification’ is important, as it means that any components supplied by Ferrari Classiche are exactly as those fitted to the car at the time of manufacture. This ensures the vehicle retains its provenance as an original specification item. Therefore, it is possible for a client to have a complete new original specification engine built, allowing them to retain the original ‘matching numbers’ unit in storage and to use the car without fear of damaging its provenance. Equally, if a car has lost its original engine or transmission, then new units can be built and supplied that match the original in every detail.

With this in mind, cars fitted with these remanufactured engines or transmissions are eligible for full Classiche certification – assuming of course, the remainder of the car meets the specified criteria. Naturally, any such discrepancies with the original specification can be advised and addressed by the expert and dedicated Classiche technicians.

Lest it be thought that Ferrari Classiche only supplies complete units, this is not the case. Numerous individual parts, like cylinder heads and blocks, cylinder liners, crankshafts, camshafts and studs, crown wheel and pinions, have been remanufactured in Maranello.

So, for those owners who are eager – yet a bit anxious – to take their treasured classic for a drive, sit back and relax: Ferrari Classiche has you covered.