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Packing a Ferrari GTC4Lusso for the holidays

14 dicembre 2018

Richard Aucock

You may be surprised at just how much can be loaded in the back of a GTC4Lusso…

The most practical new Ferrari on sale is the GTC4Lusso. For passengers, it is indulgent, with four full-sized seats within. Rear seat passengers get supportive bucket chairs that are as comfortable as those in the front, with plenty of space to relax in. It is the perfect Ferrari for everyday use. Underlining this usability is the load capacity. The GTC4Lusso, and its turbocharged sister car, the GTC4Lusso T, backs up luxurious passenger space with an extremely practical boot. Even with the seats up, it has a total capacity of 450 litres. That’s more space than most five-door family hatchbacks – an extraordinary amount of room.

The rear seats fold as well, in a flexible 40/20/40 split. Doing so creates a flat load area that stretches to over 800 litres, putting the fast Ferrari four-seater on a par with much more workmanlike models for overall load capacity. It’s a marvel of packaging – so, for a festive special test, we decided to find out just how much you can get into the GTC4Lusso’s boot. We visited the Ferrari Store in Milan to carry out the test. The aim was to see how much Ferrari merchandise we could pack in.

It also allowed us to check out some of the cool new products available in the official Ferrari product line-up. The challenge was helped by clever design from the Ferrari engineers. The load space is a good shape, with a deep rectangular section sitting ahead of the flat floor. This helps maximise how much you can pack into the GTC4Lusso: Ferrari even has a custom-designed set of luggage to make the most of it.