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March of the classics

The 5th edition of the Cavalcade Classiche once again saw spectacular Ferraris of the past converging on some of Italy’s most beautiful roads to display the majesty of the Prancing Horse
Words: Tim Bradley

The owners of 65 examples of Ferrari’s finest classic automobiles attended this year’s Cavalcade Classiche which took place over three days across hundreds of miles of twisting Italian tarmac, in the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, and the Garda Lake.

The shortlist of cars involved was nothing short of incredible; no less than eight gleaming red Ferrari F40s were present, along with other models including a Ferrari 166 MM, a Ferrari 212 Inter, a Ferrari Dino 246 GT and several Ferrari F40s.

Watch as classic Ferraris from around the world come together for a dramatic drive through the Northern Alps of Italy in the 2022 Cavalcade Classiche

The Cavalcade, one of the exclusive invitation-only events by organized by Ferrari, again brought together crews of numerous nationalities that, through the sharing of authentic and memorable experiences, became part a single community united by their passion for the Prancing Horse.

Under crystal blue skies in the ski resort of Pinzolo in the North of Italy the cars assembled, the roar of V12 engines piercing the tranquillity of the morning along with the excited chatter of the lucky drivers who were itching to get on the road.

Some 65 classic Ferrari models were present in the Cavalcade, including some very rare examples like the 212 Inter and the 166 MM

The first stages of the event were driven through the Northern Alps from Pinzolo to Merano, the flashes of colour provided by the cars prompting locals to stand and stare at the procession of bright reds, yellows and silvers.

After returning later that day, the Cavalcade then looped back North on day two to Cavalese on a return route featuring panoramic scenery and switchback roads through the Lavaze pass, the familiar Ferrari engine noises echoing in the valley.

Locals came out in droves to see the magnificent cars drive through ski resorts and towns before winding around mountains and through valleys

Finally on Day three there was a sweeping drive down through the Passo Bordala to the majesty of the city of Riva Del Garda; the Ferraris resplendent against the backdrop of one of the world’s most famous lakes before heading back up to Pinzolo once more via the Passo Duron.

The sights and sounds of the Cavalcade Classiche are always something to behold and 2022’s event was no different, the owners returning to their different parts of the globe having experienced something truly unique.