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Pure adrenaline

21 agosto 2020

“Mum, I’m having so much fun!” If Marc Gené let go of his emotions while driving his FXX K Evo on the Barcelona track, his comment would not be so different. But he remains as professional as ever, leaving it at “so much fun”, a phrase which nonetheless gives a pretty good idea of his experience. Because today, the FXX K Evo is the model that comes closest to a F1 car, and pushing it to its limits like the Spanish race driver knows how to do rewards the driver with a host of unique emotions.

Barcelona is a challenging track, but it makes for a great drive, with long, fast corners, changes in pace and stretches of track that leave you breathless when you put your foot down. Gené has one of the greatest jobs in the world: he drives the most famous and most coveted Ferraris, and while he has fun he enables the clients on the track with him to have a great time, too, as they attempt to swipe a few of his driving secrets.

Gené drives anything from vintage Formula 1 racers to the very latest models, and there is no GT car that he hasn't tried. The Evo version of the FXX K is something really special; it represents the evolution of the FXX K, and was unveiled in October 2017.

It boasts the same engine as the FXX K with a total of 1050 horsepower, 860 of which is delivered by the V12 6.262 CC engine, with a further 190 provided by the electric motor, with more than 900 Nm maximum torque in total. However, the new version has been subject to several aerodynamic modifications and has a lower weight (thanks to a more extensive use of carbon fibre), enabling even better performance. The aerodynamics of the car, developed in the wind tunnel, represent one of its secrets. It adapts according to the speed at which it is being driven, as Marc shows us in the video, and the power generated is unbelievable: 640 kg at 200 kph, and more than 830 horsepower at top speed. The most fun Supercar in existence. Gené said it, many others think it.






21 agosto, 2020