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Life-size LEGO Ferrari F40 comes to LEGOLAND California

The one-of-a-kind Prancing Horse will celebrate the opening of interactive attraction, LEGO Ferrari Build and Race this May

The LEGOLAND California resort has opened its latest attraction, the LEGO Ferrari Build and Race, with a full-size LEGO Ferrari F40.

Built from 358,000 pieces of Lego, the car sits at the center of three interactive zones that allow guests to build, test and then race their own Lego Ferrari.

Featuring digital technology that is so cutting-edge it has yet to be seen at any other LEGOLAND resort, the LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is a fully customizable experience, giving guests the opportunity to modify their own engines, tires, power and aerodynamics. 

The car sits at the centre of the new attraction at LEGOLAND California 

They can even personalize their own license plate. Once the fine-tuning is done, the cars are digitally scanned and the virtual racing begins, including the opportunity to set the fastest time at Ferrari’s own Fiorano circuit at Maranello. 


The original Ferrari F40 was built in 1987 to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and was the last new car presentation attended by Enzo Ferrari before his death. The light chassis, coupled with a twin turbo V8 engine projected the two-seater berlinetta from 0 – 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and on to 324 km/h, a speed unheard of for a production car at the time.

Watch the LEGO F40 come to life as the team worked with 358,000 bricks over 1,900 hours

Designed to the extreme machine philosophy founded by its GTO predecessor, the F40 took a mere eleven months to conceptualise, build and deliver, which is something of a record for a supercar. The LEGO F40 by comparison took a team of designers and builders more than 1,800 hours to develop and then a further 1,900 hours to build the high-performance ultra-luxury sports car in its famous Ferrari red. 

The LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is a fully customisable experience that allows guests to build, test and then race their own cars 

From a build perspective, the real 1988 F40 took a spartan approach to construction. A large single front unit and removable rear body section meant there were only eleven body panels, while inside things were so sparce even the door release catch was a pull wire in the bare door pockets. The LEGO version is similar in size to the real thing; it’s 14 feet in length, more than six feet wide, four feet tall and has a wheelbase of eight feet. 

Once engines, tires and aerodynamics have been modified, the race is on 

The F40 has been a motoring icon for more than thirty-five years and now the next generation of drivers and Ferrari enthusiast can sit inside LEGOLAND California’s latest arrival, learn about the Prancing Horse, take pictures and most of all, be inspired by the life-size LEGO car. 

LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is included in the price of admission to the LEGOLAND California Resort and includes access to more than 60 rides, shows and attractions. The Resort also features the LEGOLAND water park with seven slides and sandy beaches, plus the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel with themed 250 rooms.