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17 novembre 2020

The new Portofino M is the cover star for issue 48 of The Official Ferrari Magazine. Immersed in fairytale landscapes, halfway between reality and fantasy, this model shows off its extraordinary versatility and spirit of adventure: the perfect Ferrari, as comfortable in the city as it is on the great open roads of the world. Lolling in the seats of a Ferrari are the beautiful dogs of four fans of the brand, who never leave their four-legged friends at home. Meanwhile, singer Adam Levine opens the doors of his home to present a Ferrari Roma, sold at auction in order to raise money for Save the Children.

We then take you on a tour of magical Umbria on the trail of the painter Raphael in an F8 Spider, as well as making a trip to Denmark to admire a truly unique collection of Ferrari liveries. In addition, we open the doors of the new Tailor Made Department in New York and the workshops where older models are given new life, in order to obtain the Ferrari Approved certificate. Finally, we go on a race back through time on the Fiorano track, behind the wheel of a Dino 206 S; following a total restoration by Ferrari Classiche, on the curves of the track, this car is still capable of demonstrating the incredible driveability that led it to win again and again against much more powerful cars, back in the 1970s.





17 novembre, 2020