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29 maggio 2020

   The Official Ferrari Magazine dedicates the cover of issue 46 to the new Ferrari Roma, which steals the scene in the Italian capital’s spellbinding after dark hours. The stunning night-time pictures accompany an exclusive short story by author Ben Shott, who takes readers on an adventure of art and espionage.

Another capital, Hanoi - an enchanting mix of old-world charm and modern-day metropolis -, reveals its exotic flair. The official Ferrari Magazine takes you for a ride through the city and gives you a glimpse of the new Formula 1 street-circuit that next year will host the first ever Vietnamese GP on what promises to be a challenging and really fast track

We then meet  two racing champions of the past and present. The great Mario Andretti recounts his extraordinary victory at the 1970 Sebring 12-Hours at the wheel of a Ferrari 512. Separately, Nicklas Nielsen, from Denmark, tells how he raced his way up the rankings of the Challenge Series to become an official Prancing Horse GT racer, the youngest of the team.

Two stories are dedicated to the people who make Ferrari clients’ dreams come true. The Tailor Made Program created modern ‘twins’ of some of the most iconic Ferrari in the collection of a Czech entrepreneur. We then enter the Amalgam factory to see how these master modellers create 1:8 scale replicas of Prancing Horse Atelier models, down to the smallest detail.  

In the magazine’s technology section we get a behind the scenes look at the workings of the team that designed the new Ferrari Roma, a car which sets a new stylistic identity for the Prancing Horse’s future sports cars. We then get a look at the secrets of the aerodynamics of the SF90 Stradale and at the construction of the car’s ultralight seats.

Last but not least, we pay homage to Sergio Scaglietti, who was born 100 years ago. He was the carrozziere who bodied some of Maranello’s most iconic cars, like the Ferrari Gto and the Testa Rossa, thus helping Enzo to build the Prancing Horse legend.




29 maggio, 2020