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A Ferrari on your wrist

17 dicembre 2019

Makers both of luxury cars and watches aim for the highest performance, mixing beautiful design with the most precious materials. So, it should come as no surprise that Ferrari and Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot have been collaborating since 2011, creating timepieces with unique designs and engineering solutions, the most recent of which was 2017’s Techframe, in honour of the Prancing Horse’s 70th anniversary. This year, the two partners present the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT time-keeper, inspired by the gran turismo universe – a spirit of innovation, refinement and mechanical performance, combined with elegance and beauty.

Conceived by the Centro Stile Ferrari, the new timepiece draws inspiration from the GT cars designed and crafted in Maranello’s workshops. The designers at Ferrari applied their expertise, building bridges between automotive design and watchmaking motorisation, thereby proving that they love to work and surpass themselves on projects other than those linked to cars.

The look of the watch is very contemporary, characterised by its case, which was conceived as a concentric, suspended element that enhances the dial and hints at the sophisticated manufacturing process involved. Round like a racing tachometer, the dial – in transparent sapphire crystal – reveals the high-precision mechanics of the famous UNICO HUB1281 manufacture movement, the second of Hublot’s self-made calibres.

The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is a chronograph for the lover of fine mechanical pieces who wants to display contemporary and refined style on their wrist. Distinctive elements abound: the famous Prancing Horse appears at 12 o’clock, a thread in red – the Ferrari colour – circles the dial, and the wrist straps are in black rubber and dressed in Schedoni leather, as are the seats of Maranello’s historical racing cars.

Bearing some of the most distinctive characteristics of two of luxury’s best-known brands, the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT will quicken many a pulse.

All photographic and video content of the above article was created prior to the Covid-19 emergency and related Government decrees


17 dicembre, 2019