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Four The Love Of It

Four doors, four seats – the Purosangue is an all-new Ferrari for all-new experiences
Words: Chris Rees
Photographs: Alex Howe

Revolutionary – a word that’s been used many times in the 75-year Ferrari story. But rarely has such a rich array of revolutionary ideas converged in one car. 

Ferrari has never produced a car like this before. But that too is entirely in keeping with Maranello’s pioneering, innovative spirit, as Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, explains: “We like to be unpredictable. Of course, Ferrari has produced many two-plus-two models in its history but, talking to our clients, it was clear that there was an untapped demand for something with space for four adults and easier entry to the rear seats.”

Ferrari DNA was designed-in from day one – and that, says Galliera, explains the name: “Purosangue was originally the codename we gave to the project as a way for everyone involved to think about it as 100 per cent Ferrari. The concept fits perfectly with the Prancing Horse as a thoroughbred.”

The new dashboard concept creates the impression of two cockpits, with that of the front passenger mirroring the driver's in a wholly involving way

That built-in DNA begins with design. This was without doubt one of the toughest challenges ever faced by the Ferrari Centro Stile design team, led by Flavio Manzoni. “It was very important for us to design a Ferrari first of all,” he says. “The idea was to create a very agile, very muscular, very dynamic body but with four doors and a higher ground clearance.”

Not only is the Purosangue the first ever four- door Ferrari, it’s also the first to feature rear-hinged rear doors that open like arms, inviting you to enter. The undeniable ‘wow’ effect of what Ferrari calls its ‘Welcome Doors’ can’t distract from their wonderfully rational characteristic: they allow supremely easy entry and exit. Another ingenious aspect is that the Purosangue looks like a two-door coupé, something accentuated by the rear-door buttons being hidden in the beltline.

Moving inside you instantly appreciate the unprecedented roominess. The dashboard is highly innovative – essentially two cockpits in one. There is no centre display, but instead a separate display on the passenger’s side that beautifully mirrors the driver’s, truly involving the front passenger in the driving experience. You also appreciate how the sculpted design reinforces the sports car feel, with a strong wraparound effect that seems to embrace you.

In a Ferrari-first, the Purosangue has four doors - with the back doors being rear-hinged to allow easier access for passengers to the electrically reclining rear seats

The Purosangue can accommodate four adults – even very tall ones – in complete comfort. Enormous design effort went into the seats, which are slim yet incredibly comfortable, fully-heated and power-adjustable, with elegant metallic inserts that recall classic Ferrari of the 1960s. The boot is also capable of accommodating even the largest items of luggage, and the individually folding rear seats boost capacity even further.

Ferrari has chosen its iconic naturally-aspirated V12 engine to power the Purosangue. As Galliera explains: “The V12 best represents the heritage and technology of Ferrari, and is fully convincing for our core clients, who love the V12.” 

The architecture is pure Ferrari: from the front-mid-mounted power unit, to the extremely potent V12, through to its transaxle gearbox, and the ideal weight distribution

Optimised specifically for the Purosangue, its 725cv power output is standard-setting, whilst 80 per cent of peak torque is available from revs as low as 2,000rpm. With maximum revs of 8,250rpm, you can be sure of a unique, engaging, iconic soundtrack. And, of course, exceptional performance: 0-100kmh in 3.3 seconds and 0-200kmh in 10.6.

Like all Ferrari, the engine is centrally located – in this case, up front – with the eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle gearbox mounted at the rear, resulting in an optimal 49/51 front/rear weight distribution. High-performance materials not only minimise weight but also keep it low down: for instance, the standard carbon-fibre roof lowers the car’s centre of gravity.

Even tall passengers are able to sit in the back of the Purosangue in total comfort 

The ride height – which can be raised and lowered via the all-new Ferrari active suspension technology– also means the car can cope with all sorts of surfaces and conditions. 

But, as Enrico Galliera points out, the Purosangue’s main habitat is regular roads. “Its DNA is performance, not the Paris-Dakar rally. Yes, it behaves fine on sand or mud or snow, but it’s really designed for fun driving on the road. You can use it every day, in all conditions. With its incredible versatility, it’s the car you’ll choose to go skiing in Cortina or St Moritz, for trips to the country, or the seaside. Even the longest of journeys are supremely comfortable for four people.”

20 dicembre, 2022