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Family Values

At the Cavalcade Classiche with Piero Ferrari and his grandson Enzo. Discovering a bond that goes beyond family

Countless volumes have been written on the subject of family and its many aspects. But there are family bonds – and then there are bonds we hold in nearly the same regard, built on friendship and similarities.

Piero Ferrari, our Vice Chairman, is the son of our founder, Enzo Ferrari. In turn, Piero's grandson, the son of his daughter Antonella, is also named Enzo. The bond between this grandfather and grandson duo is incredibly strong, as was clear to see at the recent Cavalcade Classiche, where both played significant roles: Piero at the wheel of an F50, Enzo in an F40.

Watch the film of Piero Ferrari and his grandson Enzo competing in the Cavalcade Classiche

“I had never driven an F40 before,” says Enzo Mattioli Ferrari. “I looked forward to this moment with a certain sense of trepidation, given it's one of the most iconic cars in our history. It's the last model my great-grandfather saw, and I even had a poster of an F40 in my room as a child. Before he would hand it over to me, Grandpa insisted that I do a few laps of the hills around Maranello with him by my side. He wanted to watch me handle what is essentially a Formula 1 road car, a vehicle that demands the utmost respect. After all, he was my driving instructor from the very start. When I was a child, pretending to drive a Ferrari, he would teach me how to change gears and steer. This continued until I had the opportunity to drive a real Ferrari for the first time, a 328. Grandpa was always kind to me. But when he explained things, he demanded attention – especially when it came to driving, where you had to be serious.”

“I became a grandfather at a relatively young age,” says Piero Ferrari, “and I have always been very close to my grandchildren. I treasured any opportunity to spend time with them, be it skiing or behind the wheel. Enzo, much like my father and I, has a passion for driving and for Ferraris. And he is mindful of the responsibility that comes with our family name.”

Piero Ferrari competed in the recent Cavalcade Classiche at the wheel of an F50

“The family embodies a sense of duty,” Enzo continues. “It's a feeling of being part of something unique, an emotion that also really comes to the surface on occasions like these. Ferrari is an integral part of Italian history, and since 1947, many have felt a part of it.” Here, of course, the reference is to the other “family” – the passionate Ferrari clients that Piero and Enzo met at the Cavalcade Classiche.

The Vice Chairman adds: “Ferrari can almost be seen as an extended family: so many people who love beautiful cars and enjoy the company of others who share the same passion." Naturally, Piero and Enzo felt completely at home.